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Miami Tarpon Fishing

Florida is considered as the best location for Tarpon Fishing in the world. There are many things to do and see in Miami Florida, the beaches, museum, adventure parks, party places. One thing that just can’t be missed is indulging in some breath taking action of fishing. Fishing in Miami is no longer just a sitting near the beach quietly kind of activity. It has now become one of the most loved water sports for people across all age groups. You can find numerous charter companies that take you for deep sea fishing. This is especially true for Tarpon Fishing in Miami.

Tarpon Fish is the largest member of the herring family and is one of the most popular saltwater game fish that fishermen from all over the world chase. This fish is also known as the Silver King. It is famous for its size, power and acrobatic leaps. The more you learn about this fish, its habits, and habitats, the better the chances of catching a Tarpon.

Tarpon Fish can be found all year round in the waters of Miami. But the chances of catching Miami Tarpon Fishing are much better from December through May. During these months these fishes are migrating to Miami to get away from the cold water of the north. The best time to go for Tarpon Fishing would be early in the morning or late in the evening. Moreover, the habitation of tarpon is close to the shoreline so anyone, with any skill level can easily catch them. You can fish from anywhere bridges, beaches, jetties, piers, rivers, passes, docks and still enjoy Tarpon Fishing.

You can use any kind of rods, lures, tackle, baits, and rigs for catching this fish, whether you are fishing from a boat, kayak or canoe, walking and wading from the shoreline you can still make a catch. This is due to the fact that the tarpon work up and down the beaches. But, in order to catch a big Tarpon fish, anglers will need some robust heavy rods with around 30 to 50 pound reels and lines.

The bait used for Miami Tarpon Fishing can be dollar crab, threadfin herrings, mullet, pinfish, Shrimp, Menhaden and pilchards. When ever fishing in an area where there are other hostile species of fishes around using live bait is not such a good idea. This is because the live bait will draw attention of other fish in your direction and make catching a Tarpon difficult. So, in such cases it is advisable to use lures as a substitute. The popular techniques used by most of the skilled anglers are fly fishing and spinning.

One should keep in mind that Tarpon fishing at time can be a bit daunting task, you might need some amount of patience and discipline. Sometime it may not hit at anything you throw and at other times it might be feeding frenzy.

So, next time when you visit Miami try Tarpon fishing, you never know the next world record catch might be waiting for you.