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Choosing a Saltwater Rod

Saltwater Fishing Rod

How to Choose a Saltwater Fishing Rod

There you are, standing in front of rows and rows of fishing rods at your favorite sports store thinking, “What in the world did I get myself into”.

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Fishing Snook from Shore

Snook Fishing

Fishing Snook from the Shore

Snook is one of the most sought after fish in Florida. The fact that it is illegal to buy or sell snook makes catching one the only way to try this tasty fish. Another great aspect of this fish is that it can be caught from the shore, giving everyone a chance to land one. There are a few tricks to know if you want to increase your chances of catching one, as they are a little elusive at times.

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One of the Best Tours in Miami: Deep Sea Fishing

Miami's Best Fishing Tour

Take the Best Tour in Miami

Join Miami's best fishing tour company and enter into a world full of offshore adventure and surprise.  We here in Miami are lucky to be located between two very important bodies of water, the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean.  The Gulf Stream flows from the Gulf of Mexico, between Key West and Cuba, and heads North ending at the northern most part of the Atlantic Ocean.  This is a huge feeding supply is like a major artery which bring nutrient rich warm water north carrying large migrations of fish like Dolphin (Mahi-mahi), Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, just to name a few.  Thanks to this natural occurring current, our South Florida waters are teeming with wildlife.  Tourist and natives alike are drawn to the natural abundance of sea life and spectacular soft sand beaches which cover nearly every inch of our state.

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Awesome Sport Fishing in St. Augustine

St. Augustine Sport Fishing

St. Augustine Sport Fishing

St. Augustine is the oldest (continuously occupied) city in the United States. Found by Spanish explorers some 500 years ago this city is full of history, but that is not the only attraction. The local waters are teaming with massive sport fish including tuna, sailfish, mackerel, snapper, kingfish and many more. If you find yourself on vacation in this amazing place, be sure to take advantage of the unique fishing it offers.

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Miami, Florida Charter Fishing Aboard the Fish Jumanji

Aboard the Fish Jumanji

Fishing Aboard the Fish Jumanji

Fish Jumanji offers two Miami charter fishing boats available for hire. The Seacross, a fully loaded and customized Sportfishing Yacht and the Seacross Hatteras Sportfishing Yacht. Both boats are air-conditioned and fully loaded with top-of-the-line electronics, tackle and safety gear.

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Fishing in St. Augustine, an Awesome Part of The Trip

Sea Love Charter Fishing

St. Augustine Fishing is Awesome

The Saint Augustine angling sanction leaves from the noteworthy and most beautiful port of St. Augustine, Florida the Oldest City in the country. When you see ocean fledglings around a specific region it is an indication that you may discover good fishing. Typically fishermen use more smaller fish or chum attracting larger predator fish.

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A Brief History of Fort San Marcos

Fort San Marcos

Fort San Marcos History

As mentioned above the construction of Fort San Marcos started in 1672 and completed 23 years till 1695. Numerous Spanish fort went before the Castillo, though, this one made of Coquina was impervious to enemy attack and was fire safe. The fort experienced A fire in 1702 for the first time. British forces, headed by General Moore, blazed the city yet couldn't enter the Castillo's dividers. Ensuing assaults in 1728 and 1740 yielded comparable results, and the British were never equipped to take the city of St. Augustine by force. In 1763, Florida turned into a British province with signing the Treaty of Paris, this started a 20-year time of English tenet. Used like a military jail amid the Revolutionary War and at one time it held three endorsers of the Declaration of Independence inside its dividers.

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One of the Best Ways to Enjoy St. Augustine is Deep Sea Fishing

Enjoying Deep Sea Fishing

Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing in St. Augustine

Way back to 500 years, some Spanish explorers landed in St. Augustine, the oldest city of the United States. Entered into the new world, the best thing they can easily get is the food. The Atlantic provides them the best sea food including sea bass, tuna fish, mackerel and Black fin snapper. Presently, the water bodies of St. Augustine are one of the most pleasing attractions that offer the tourist with abundant sea life. It is ideal for those who enjoy fishing and other water activities.

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Tranquil Atmosphere and the Deep Sea Fishing in St Augustine

Relaxing Fishing in St. Augustine

Relax While Deep Sea Fishing in St. Augustine

Since long time St Augustine has been considered as one of the best places to watch out for. If you are looking for an extravaganza then, St Augustine is certainly the choice of your dream. The vast blue sea and the environment around it have always been the best of the lot in St. Augustine.

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Explore the Boat Tours in St. Augustine

Boat Tours St. Augustine Florida

Boat Tour in St. Augustine Florida

Being one of the ancient cities of Florida, St. Augustine is known for its rich history, seaside charm and thrilling mystery. The city offers diverse kinds of tours including ghost tours, city excursion and cruise tours. Boat tours in St. Augustine are the best ways if you are planning to do some adventure, fun and unique experience. It offers you a different view of viewing the beauty of the place while sailing on the water. These are one of the best tours if you are seeking to end your day or begin the evening on the water. There are different water cruise tours including:

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Saint Augustine City: Ancient City of Florida

Historic St. Augustine Florida

Historic City of St. Augustine

Known as the city of the God, St. Augustine City is the ancient city of Florida founded in 1565. The city is located amid North East and Central East Florida and easily accessible to Daytona Airports and Jacksonville, Orlando. On September 8, 1565, Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles came aground and named a stretch of area close to the gulf out of appreciation of Augustine, a saint of the Roman Catholic Church on whose banquet day - Aug. 28 - area was located. The area has been identified as of late by archeologists from the University of Florida as being the place the present-day Mission of Nombre de Dios and the Fountain of Youth stand, the Castillo de San Marcos and a few blocks north of the City Gate.

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Experience Deep Sea Fishing in St. Augustine

Deep Sea Fishing St. Augustine Florida

Deep Sea Fishing in St. Augustine Florida

Explore your way over to America's most established city, via land, air or ocean to St. Augustine for some sun, fun and endeavor. Come visit the past loaded with appeal, structural wonders and the less difficult delights of life. Take a full much needed refresher, feel the warmth of the sun and the neighborhood enhance as you wind the block cleared streets overflowing with one of a kind shops. Relish the flavorful pieces of a variety of ethnic passage from gourmet experts with their own particular flare. St. Augustine is also known for deep sea fishing.

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Ghost Tours St. Augustine

St. Augustine Ghost Spotting

St. Augustine Florida Ghost Tours

If you are looking to explore the mysteries of St. Augustine, then Ghost tours St. Augustine are just perfect for you! The real time haunted places in St. Augustine can take to the other world of ghosts. Today, Ghost Tours of St. Augustine are a crucial aspect of Tour Saint Augustine Inc., which uses in excess of 50 expert storytellers, aides and visit administrators. These experts keep on contemplating and revealing considerably additionally unpleasant stories of the town's dim history. The greater part of the story is looked into through notable libraries, old church records, journals and individual meetings.

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Discover Striking Places in the "Old City" with City Tours of St. Augustine

St. Augustine Old City

St. Augustine City Tours

Guests to St. Augustine can appreciate various sightseeing tours St. Augustine such as Ripley Museum and the Fountain of Youth, yet the particularly bold may likewise wish to set out on a ghost hunt through Old City's cobblestone back streets.

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Pirate Tours in St Augustine, The Ultimate Adventure

Pirate Tours St. Augustine

St. Augustine Pirate Tours Are Thrilling

St Augustine is known for its versatile offer and adventure. Apart from being a historic city, St Augustine is also known as the paradise for the adventure seekers. One might have heard about Pirates in the sea but have you experienced it? Well, St Augustine has the Pirate Tours for you as well in its bucket.

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Explore the Thrilling Paranormal Tours St Augustine

Parnormal St. Augustine Tours

St. Augustine Paranormal Tours

There are a few distinctive frequented paranormal places that are offered in St. Augustine, Florida. This specific city is thought to be the most established city placed in the whole country. If you are intrigued by old ghost towns, this one is prone to draw your consideration. For the duration of the day, you will discover a few touring trolleys and steed and carriage rides wandering the boulevards showing the guests about the bright history connected with the city. Then again, as the sun sets, another side of St. Augustine wakes up. If you are intrigued by taking an interest in one of the frequented Paranormal tours offered around evening time in this authentic city, it is essential to know how to take advantage of the visit that you choose to take.

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Things to do in St Augustine

St. Augustine Fountain of Youth

Looking for Things to do in St. Augustine?

Envision walking around the roads of an antiquated city, where the domain was once governed by locals, and consequently English, Spanish and French travelers. Where quite a long time ago privateers plundered and with the assistance of provision and a typhoon, the English directed and pulverized a French fortress as well as their imposing cruising armada also. Where would you be? St. Augustine, Florida - the most established European made, and for a lot of people, the most intriguing city in North America.

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Fishing in St Augustine, A Memorable Experience

St. Augustine Fishing

The St. Augustine Fishing Experience

Vacations are an integrated part of a happy person’s life. However, it is very important to select your tourist spot to maximize it. St Augustine is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Florida and the entire United States of America. The reason behind the attraction is the fabulous scenic beauty and the things to do in the historic city.

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Deep Sea Fishing

Florida Deep Sea Fishing

Experience Florida Deep Sea Fishing

Florida deep sea fishing is one of the most thrilling things you can do in life. You have the possibility of reeling in a 400 pound tuna or catching a majestic sailfish every time you go.

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Miami Fishing Charters - Picking The Best

Miami Charter Fishing

Picking the Best Fishing Charter in Miami

We all know that Miami is one of the world’s top spots for deep sea fishing because of the location. From Miami you are five minutes from the ocean and 15 minutes away from the Gulf Stream where all you favorite sport fish are.

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