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El Dorado Fish (Dolphin)

Hello, anglers! If you are like us, you probably have a favorite fish. Ours is the El Dorado fish.....

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Choosing the Right Saltwater Fishing Rods & Reels

When you use the right rod with your fishing style, you can increase your success rate for catchi.....

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Tarpon Fishing

The tarpon swim along the Florida coasts, the Greater Antilles, and a few other Caribbean Islands.....

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How to Use GPS as a Boater

A marine GPS (Global Positioning System) unit is a great tool for any boater to have in his or he.....

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Best Fishing Line

Having trouble deciding which fishing line to use? Most fishing utilizes three lines and there ar.....

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Top Fishing Knots

Knots are very important in fishing yet rarely do they get the attention they deserve. The right .....

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Grouper Recipes

Have you had grouper lately? It is a part of the sea bass family and has a mild flavor that is si.....

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Deep Sea Fish

The waters off South Florida have some of the best deep sea fish on the planet. Various species m.....

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Fishing Sunglasses

Now that you have spent hundreds of dollars on quality fishing equipment, you are ready to head o.....

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How to Fillet Red Snapper

Along with it’s bright pink color, the red snapper has an appealing taste and texture. It has a.....

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How to Saltwater Fly Fish
Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing

The mere mention of saltwater fly fishing can intimidate peo.....

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Can You Eat Crevalle Jack
Is It Safe to Eat that Jack?

If you have ever fished in South Florida, you have probably heard abo.....

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Saltwater Bottom Fishing
How to Bottom Fish in Saltwater

For an offshore fisherman, learning how to saltwater fish is usefu.....

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Florida Flats Fishing
How to Fish the Florida Flats

If you are in the Southeast, then you already know that flats fishin.....

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Setting-Up Saltwater Rigs
How to Set up Your Saltwater Rig

How do you put together a saltwater fishing rig? If you are not s.....

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Sailfish Fishing Tips
The Best Tips for Fishing Sailfish

In Miami, there is an abundance of sailfish within two miles of.....

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Cooking Red Snapper
Red Snapper Cooking Options

Once you have caught a red snapper, it is time to roast it. Alternativ.....

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How to Pier Fish
Tips for Fishing from a Pier

It takes time to become a better fisherman. Part of the process invol.....

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Halibut Fishing Tips
Halibut Fishing

There is nothing quite like the thrill of hooking a halibut. Here are some tips to.....

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South Florida Shark Fishing
How to Fish for and Prepare Shark

So you want to catch a shark? South Florida has emerged as one o.....

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