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How to Catch a Hammerhead Shark

From the tackle and lures to use to the rods, bait, and reels you will need, here is everything to get you ready for catching a hammerhead shark:

What to Look For

How to Catch a Hammerhead SharkFirst, though, you have to know what a hammerhead shark looks like so you get the right catch. They are identifiable by their hammer-like head shape and offset eyes. They are often simply called T’s. The length of their dorsal fins can vary, and they can gray or gold in color.

Where to Find Hammerhead Sharks

Wondering where to catch them? You can find hammerhead sharks in artificial reefs or coral reefs. While they are mostly in offshore waters, they are also found inshore. They are usually far below the surface, closer to the water’s bottom, in Miami.

Bait for Hammerhead Sharks in Miami

Fishing for hammerhead sharks in Miami involves using fresh bait that can range from live mullet to large herring. Small bonito is another great choice. Kingfish slabs are good too, but they can lose their shape over time.

Fishing Equipment for Hammerhead Shark Fishing

Use deep-sea fishing equipment in general when you want to catch a hammerhead shark. Wire lines work well, particularly when paired with lightweight tackle. Given the size and weight of a hammerhead, it can be hard to land a big one using a lightweight fishing rod or reel.

Fishing Technique

Trolling is probably not the best way to go with hammerhead fishing. Instead, live bait, power drifting, and bottom fishing are better choices. Put live bait, for example, on or near the bottom.

While hammerhead sharks do have smaller teeth than many other shark varieties, they have triangular sharpened teeth so you must still be careful. Also, they are big and powerful, so you will likely have to fight to get your catch of the day.



How to fish for Hammerhead Sharks

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