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Awesome Sport Fishing in St. Augustine

St. Augustine Sport Fishing

St. Augustine Sport FishingSt. Augustine is the oldest (continuously occupied) city in the United States. Found by Spanish explorers some 500 years ago this city is full of history, but that is not the only attraction. The local waters are teaming with massive sport fish including tuna, sailfish, mackerel, snapper, kingfish and many more. If you find yourself on vacation in this amazing place, be sure to take advantage of the unique fishing it offers.

Bait and Tackle

Some of the best bait can be caught while heading to your offshore fishing location. Bait fish generally like to hang out around shrimp boats, navigation towers, reefs, shipwrecks and some can be found in open waters. A good rule of thumb, is to watch for sea birds that are feeding in the waters below. If you don’t have time to catch bait fish on the way out, you can go with frozen bait from your local bait shop. Shrimp and squid are generally good to go with, since most species of sport fish will strike them.

Types of Charters

Taking a charter is often your best bet if you don’t live in St. Augustine. The nice part is they generally include all licenses, bait and fishing gear. If you have a larger group, it is best to take a group charter, that has a set price depending on how many are in your group. For larger groups, taking a party boat charter is a good option. If you have a small group, you can hire a sport fishing boat, that will allow you more say in where, and how long you fish for.

Best Season for Fishing

St. Augustine has pretty good fishing all year round, especially from March to November. Some species slow down int he winter including December, January and February. In the summer you may encounter some thunderstorms.


Florida requires annoyed fishing to purchase a fishing license that is good for one year. If you are going to take a fishing charter, your license will most likely be included.

Enjoy fishing in St. Augustine, and be sure to leave comments below on how your fishing trip goes.

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