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Fish Jumanji is Number One in Miami Snapper FishingMiami Snapper fishing is considered as the most productive Miami fishing in the deep.  The target species are Vermilions, Lanes, Black fin, Silky, Red Porgies, and Red Snapper.  There was a time when Red snapper were not common in Miami as the water is a little warm for these kinds of fish. However today one can find many more Red Snapper than ever before.

Generally, all water bodies in the world comprise of different kinds of fish. Out of these, over 25,000 species of fish are recognized by the scientists. These fish are further divided as herbivorous fish, carnivorous fish and omnivorous fish as per their eating habits. The herbivorous fish feed on algae, plants and other kind of plant based products which are found below the surface of water; the carnivorous fish, feed upon the flesh or meat of a living organism. How ever the omnivorous fish live on meat as well as plants.

Amongst these huge variety of fish is the Snapper fish. The Snapper fish is a saltwater fish which is fairly equally popular with recreational and commercial anglers fishing.  Apart from the fact that the snapper taste scrumptious, it is also a good fighting fish and thus should be a caught by those anglers who want to have a challenging fishing experience. No wonder the snapper fish is considered a prized catch while fishing in Miami!

To make a catch in the deep wrecks, ledges, and reefs for Snapper, the rigs that are most productive are commonly called as "Chicken rigs".  The anglers use bait in these rigs with cut bait, and fish water from 135' to about 400 foot of water. Most of the action takes place in 230’ to about 350' of water which happens to be less than two miles off Miami Beach.

With this method of snapper fishing you should be prepared for a lot of action and some quick catches.  With the right conditions one thing is guaranteed that you will get a fish every time you put the bait in the water. With this technique you are able to fish for larger Muttons, reds, and sometimes even a Cubera Snapper. The baits that are considered apt to include a live pilchard or pinfish.  A big snapper fish is fairly rare in the Miami Beach and if you catch one it is nothing less than a real trophy.

Go Miami Snapper Fishing with the Best - Fish JumanjiThere are specify fishing rods that are used by anglers targeting snapper fish which can be purchased from any online store selling rods for fishing snapper. How ever whenever you choose a rod, one thing you should keep in mind is the sensitivity to line diameter displayed by snapper, chiefly to the smaller specimens.

One problem that you might face when fishing snapper in Miami is that it is hooking the fish. A snapper fish is easily frightened by any resistance on the fishing line when the snapper first bites into the bait. Thus it is better to use sharp hooks to catch a snapper fish.

Miami snapper fishing can be an enjoyable experience, but remember the snapper fish will put up a good fight.