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Shark Fishing

Shark Fishing in MiamiWhat could be more exhilarating than battling one of the world's fiercest predators. When you have a shark on the line you know it, and you are in for a battle. Their powerful bodies will pull you line to the limits, and give you a fishing trip to tell you friends about. So, are you ready to take the plunge and delight yourself, your family and friends under the guidance of an expert captain and crew?

Miami Shark Fishing Charters

Shark fishing is becoming one of Miami's greatest tourist attractions, and should be at the top of your list when visiting. Fish Jumanji is the charter of choice, and will make sure you have a safe and memorable time. No previous fishing experience is required and our professional team is here to help. Your fishing license, bait, food and gear are all included. Call (786) 486-7200 to book a charter or find out more information.

Group charters are available for 1 to 20 passengers and good for families, bachelor parties, weddings or corporate events. Our luxury boats are clean reliable and equipped with the latest fishing technology.

Shared charters are also available for those on a budget or by themselves. The price of the charter boat is split between up to 6 people.

Shark Fishing Tackle

The right gear is essential when shark fishing. Use a 150-200 lb. monofilament leader material along with a wire leader connected and a hook size of 9/0 to 16/0. A float is also very good to have with balloons being the most popular but styrofoam floats are also available and work well.

For your rod and real, you need to choose a set-up that allows you to fight without becoming too fatigued. Your rod should be at least 50 lb and your real should be a class 50 or greater. Your line should be 90 lb monofilament to give you the ability to catch a range of sizes. If you will be using a harness, make sure you have a straight butt rod.

Shark Fishing Techniques

Set your lines at distances between 50 and a 100 yards behind the boat going from shallow to deeper the farther back they are. Create a chum slick behind the boat to attract shark from farther distances. The more chum the better.